Xercode is a Company established in 2009 to provide specialised services based on open-source technologies for information units.

We focus on the ICT field. Our business lines aim at the archival and library industry in the academic, school and corporate environment through comprehensive solutions for document management.

Today, Xercode is a reference in the sector, a consolidated company specialised in digital content and solutions/services for publishers, libraries, archives, corporations, education and document departments, in which professionals with several technical and higher education backgrounds work.

We develop open-source software


Xercode is part of several international open-source software development communities. We take an active part in the evolution and improvement of products such as Koha ILS, AtoM or Open Journal System, and more.

We create open-source solutions


We commit to open source solutions, which offer the possibility of managing, adapting and improving the elements making up document management. Our work and experience in open source projects are a guarantee of success.

Official Koha ILS partner


Our bet was Koha ILS, one of the most accepted open-source comprehensive library management systems (ILMS) worldwide. We are official partners of this software and are part of the international community of developers.

We are pioneers in the management and lending of ebooks


We are pioneers in the management and lending of ebooks through xeread®, which uses the most advanced technology on the market and allows very extensive functionalities for the online management of digital collections.

We have launched an e-book lending service in the libraries of the Rede de Bibliotecas de Galicia, of the Dirección Xeral do Libro e Biblioteca and in universities including Santiago de Compostela University, Salamanca University or Cadiz University.

We are committed to R+D+i



We invest a significant percentage of our profits in R&D&I, with particular attention to technological innovations that provide functional and operational improvements for our customers and products.

As a result of our research activity, it is worth mentioning the development of collaboration and R&D&I projects with the Universidad de Salamanca or the State Agency CSIC, among others.

We are in alliance with leading companies in the ICT sector and cultural industries to generate high-value initiatives.

We have taken part in several digitization and automation projects, such as our collaboration with the Dirección Xeral do Libro, Bibliotecas e Arquivos, managing body of the Red de Bibliotecas Públicas de Galicia (Galician Public Libraries Network). Our work includes the implementation of Koha ILS for the entire network to create a collective catalogue and a single valid reader’s card, thus unifying their services.

Continuous improvement


We collaborate with our customers in the improvement and evolution of their products.

This relationship has resulted in the hub xebook Users Nucleus (NUX), which uses media and annual conferences to share experiences and problems, takes action to improve xebook, and enters into content acquisition agreements.

ISO 9001
ISO/IEC 20000-1
ISO/IEC 27001
UNE 166002

This company has been awarded a Re-acciona grant

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