XERCODE MEDIA SOFTWARE, S.L. (hereinafter XERCODE) is a technology company specializing in software design, development, implementation, maintenance and support for document management in libraries, archives, document centers and publishing companies.


XERCODE’s Management implements a Comprehensive Management System as a necessary and strategic step in the field of quality (according to ISO 9001), IT service quality (according to ISO 20000-1), information security (according to ISO 27001) and R&D&I management (according to UNE 166002), based on the following points:


  • To promote the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Comprehensive Management System (CMS) by bringing all the necessary resources to strengthen these principles and achieve our objectives.


  • To commit to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable to XERCODE.


  • To work to ensure the highest quality of the advisory services provided by our company and to continuously improve them.


  • To involve all the staff to collaborate in the maintenance and improvement of the system through continuous training in their respective fields. Furthermore, they will be continuously motivated to carry out their tasks with the highest degree of satisfaction for our customers.


  • To promote the reduction or elimination of risks or effects on XERCODE’S activity, which could derive from eventual information security failures, considering the consequences of a loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability of existing assets.


In order to meet these fundamental principles, the Management sets objectives on an annual basis and monitors them, checking their fulfillment and establishing the necessary measures to be taken in the event that such fulfillment is threatened.


The Company’s Policy values are disseminated to all XERCODE’s staff, our main asset. Moreover, a copy of the Policy is posted on the organization’s website. By doing so, XERCODE ensures that the Policy is understood by all the company’s staff and any interested party.


Reviewed and approved:

Miguel Ángel Calvo Lázaro


May 26, 2021